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Sb4S-CoverSound before symbolis a phrase which was coined by Carl Orff, a 20th century composer and teacher, to illustrate that sound always precedes the introduction of its iconic representation ie it is important to learn a sound before learning the symbol that is used to represent it. Children learn to understand and speak a language before they learn to write it. Spoken language is an inherent skill, reading and writing are not; literacy skills must be taught.

The bookSound Before Symbolendeavours to identify and draw together the parallels between music and literacy for early years’ children and suggests how implementing a uniquely arranged programme such asSounds and Symbols can build the skills required for literacy development.

Sound Before Symbol

  • examines how music may be presented to pre-school children and considers benefits including ‘The Mozart Effect’;
  • examines strategies employed to teach literacy and considers how children learn to read and write;
  • examines recent research into how the brain may process music and literacy;
  • examines why the ‘Early Years (0-8) are so vital;
  • suggests a ‘Model’ for bridging the gap between ‘Sound and Symbol’;
  • offers suggestions for the literacy-enrichment of musical activities

The programmeSounds and Symbols is based upon the findings of this book.

Sound Before Symbol‘ is Published by SAGE Publishing.

SAGE  Publishing have been awarded the ‘Independent Publishers Guild Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year 2012.

“This book is very well researched and beautifully written.  The excellence and explicitness of the language will appeal to other researchers who are interested in this subject.  For all teachers involved with young children, there is a wealth of evidence to support the theories and precepts, together with suggested activities, ideas, tips and examples which will, doubtless, assist and enhance their teaching skills.

Sound Before Symbol is also exceedingly well-explained and will appeal also to mothers and those caring for young children, as there is much to be learned from its pages. 

As a student myself it provides an invaluable resource to support my BA in Social Education. The argument for using music to promote literacy is so compelling that I have decided to pursue this topic myself for my research project .”

Katrine Vesterager – Via University College, Viborg, Denmark

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Illustrated by Aleksandra Karp – See Ola’s blog http://olakarp.blogspot.co.uk