Music helps language

Music Can Help Foreign and Native Language Acquisition

Listening to and singing foreign sounds helps children to embed these sounds in the brain. Ideally foreign languages should be heard in the first year of life for them to become ‘hard-wired’. Research confirms that music facilitates memory; it is easier to remember words that have been put to music than mere prose. Play foreign songs to your children as much as possible and encourage them to sing along if you wish to help their foreign language acquisition.



Tourne Tourne Le Moulin

Tourne, tourne le moulin,

Claque, claque dans les mains,

Nage, nage le poisson,

Vole, vole papillon.


Mi Gorro Tiene Tres Picos

Mi gorro tiene tres picos,

Tres picos tiene mi gorro,

Si no tuviera tres picos,

Ya no seria mi gorro.


Guten Tag

Guten tag, guten tag, sagen alle kinder

Größe kinder, kleine kinder,

Dicke kinder, dünne kinder,

Guten tag, guten tag sagen alle kinder.


Good Language Skills Help Later Literacy

This little girl is only two years old. Watch her concentration. She is listening carefully and comprehending the words of the song such that she follows the instructions and co-ordinates her actions in time with the music. She is clearly enjoying this activity as she shouts ‘again, again’ at the end! Concentration, listening and comprehension are skills required for later reading activities; fine motor skills and co-ordination are required for writing.

Listening To and Singing Songs in Other Languages Helps Foreign Language Acquisition


Tourne Tourne Le Moulin 

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Mi Gorro Tiene Tres Picos (Spanish)

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/Hats.flv 345 261]

Guten Tag (German)

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/Guten-Tag.flv 345 261]

Musical Activities Help Children To Develop Skills that Will Later Be Required For Literacy

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