Welcome to the home of literacy through music!

Introducing Sounds and Symbols – a unique literacy through music programme, for pre-school children, based on the book ‘Sound Before Symbol ! The activities in the programme combine music and literacy to build up the vital skills required for literacy success.


Sounds and Symbols literacy through music sessions offer lively musical activities with unique musical arrangement to:

  • Specifically target and support the acquisition and development of literacy skills

  • Build many essential pre-school skills

  • Ignite the imagination and engender creativity

  • Stimulate and educate whilst having a great time (fun for Mums too!)

  • Workshops and presentations available

  • Practitioners resource pack coming soon

Are you an early years teacher/student?

View the presentation to learn how literacy and music are related.

Available as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF.

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‘Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning.’ Click the picture to find out more from UNESCO.


Sounds and Symbols

visited Haiti ‘Campeche Dumay’ with the Tallahassee Haiti Medical Team in December 2012

Want to see how it went?…SandS-Cert-Haiti-11-12-sml….Just click on the picture!

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Lots of children’s activities inside…Buy it here!