The Sounds and Symbols programme combines music and literacy to promote the development of communication and many other skills.  Jill took Sounds and Symbols to Haiti to work with children and help them with English language learning. 


“The Sounds and Symbols programme was so easy to learn and such fun to present.  The children just loved it!  The impact upon them was brilliant and it was satisfying to me to know that I was helping children to develop skills they would have for life.  The activities were exciting and made us all feel good!”

Jill Addison


View the photos and videos below to see some of the songs the children sang.



[flv:/wp-content/uploads/Welcome-to-Sounds-and-Symbols-in-Haiti.flv 345 261]


[flv:/wp-content/uploads/Alphabet-Song.flv 345 261]


That’s it from Haiti and  ‘Campeche Dumay’  where to next?